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fun and rewarding voice over classes and solid training for jobs and work
in a voice over career from Aliso Creek Voice Over Workshops

At Aliso Creek Voice Over Classes you'll train on microphone in a professional voice over recording studio in Burbank, California (near Los Angeles California).

We cover audition skills, copy interpretation, character development, inflection and microphone technique.

Voice Over work is an exciting career for voice-over talent but you need training to develop professional skills to participate effectively in this industry.

You often have just a few moments to analyze and interpret copy in a voice-over audition or a voice-over job.

Opportunities exist for voice-over in commercials, animation, narration, industrial videos, plus new technologies such as video games, digital video and the Internet.

Each workshop class digitally recorded so that you can review your work. In addition we discuss the needed business skills such as where to find work, finding an agent and pay scales in the industry. Each class is two and a half hours in length and the classes meet once a week for six weeks.

why you should choose Aliso Creek Voice-Over Workshops:

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by William Williams

We Teach The Following Classes:

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Our Workshop Classes

fundamentals of commercial voice over
fundamentals of animation voice over
NEW! Online Casting tips & tricks
NEW! mastering Audacity for VO Recording
advanced commercial: booking the job
advanced commercial: taking direction
also: voice over demo production
and: private coaching


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Online Casting-An Overview
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Voice Over Home Recording Studio
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Soundproofing and Sound Treatment
Bits & Bytes Digital Recording Jargon
Bits & Bytes Digital Jargon-Part 2
Phone Patch for Voice Over
ISDN for Voice Over


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Not From the Los Angeles Area?
Try Our Online Voice Over Classes!


Don't let time go by! Workshop Classes fill up fast. Call to schedule a free studio visit. We'll review the course content and show you the facilities.

fundamentals of commercial voice over workshop

dramatic read Learn the SKILLS you need to succeed in VOICE-OVERS for radio and television commercials as well as industrial narration and the internet. Develop voice-over audition skills such as copy analysis, self-direction, microphone technique, voice-acting and character development.

Plus an overview of the business with a specific plan on how to develop your career. Each class is two and a half hours in length and the classes meet once a week for six weeks.  


SATURDAY           DEC  20 - JAN  24          10:00 AM - 12:30 PM          Price: $500

TUESDAY           DEC  30 - FEB  3            7:00 PM - 9:30 PM            Price: $500

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our students say:

ds"I moved to Los Angeles a few years back, having worked in the "voice" field as an opera singer, M.C. and so on. I found William Williams's voice over website and signed up for his voice over classes. William's classes were not only fabulously informative and entertaining yet clear and to the point. I ended up getting both my..." more    Mukti Garceau

our students say:

ds"William Williams provided a no-nonsense approach to the workings of the VO industry. He gets it-- both from the standpoint of his own vast experience as a VO artist as well as his ability to impart some tricks of the trade within a few sessions. His great sense of humor doesn't hurt either!" more    Beth Clayton

fundamentals of animation voice over workshop

serious Let those wild characters living inside you to come out and play! You'll learn to create, define and develop character voices for commercials, animation, CD-ROMS projects, etc. You'll begin with the foundations of breath, voice placement, visualization, & physicalization. Then move into imaginative exercises that help you breathe life into copy, animation artwork, & full length scripts. Each class is two and a half hours in length and the classes meet once a week for six weeks.


MONDAY           DEC  29 - FEB  2            7:00 PM - 9:30 PM            Price: $500

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Try It... You'll Like It! - Our Saturday Workout!

voice-over workout -- once a month

This is your once-a-month opportunity to get together with other wacky people and let those voices in your head come out. Practice improvisational skills and read current animation and commercial scripts while being directed by William Williams. This a great chance to use your skills in a fun, relaxed environment. But caution! Many students find this workout habit forming! Class is two and a half hours in length.


SATURDAY      JAN  17      1:00 PM - 3:30 PM            Price Only:  $40

Reserve Your Seat Now!

our students say:

ds"I loved taking classes at Aliso Creek! The class was intimate and fun! And my demo turned out great! I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to further their career in VO." more    Allison Summers

our students say:

ds"As your former student, you might be interested in knowing how my audio cassette has gone so far. "The Virginian" has already grossed over $4 million in sales through the first two months. I play three roles: "Uncle Hughey", "Balaam" and "The Stranger" Your instruction in working with 1 or 2 other voice..." more    "CJ" Honkala

*** New!!  ONLINE CASTING Tips and Tricks!    New!! ***

3 hour class! - once a month

The simplest route to get established in the modern voice over business is to participate in the online voice casting sites--often called "pay to play" sites. And you can "earn while you learn" as you are doing this because they are all paying jobs. Our new 4 hour class is power-packed with hints and tricks that will help you be more efficient, work smarter, get on the inside track of this unique form of casting--and help you nail more auditions and book more jobs. Read More >>


SATURDAY      DEC  27      1:00 PM - 4:00 PM       Price: $125     Introductory Price Only:  $99

Reserve Your Seat Now!

*** New!!  Mastering AUDACITY for VO Recording!  New!! ***

3 hour class! - once a month

Audacity is the software of choice for many voice over professionals. It features simple one line recording plus the ability to edit directly in the recording you have just created.  And if you goof up, you can "undo" back to the previous version and start over.  Audacity also has excellent sound quality and will export the file in any imaginable format for your auditions or jobs.  Learn how to use the Audacity recording program plus tricks and tips that will speed up the recording process!  Become an Audacity Master! 


SATURDAY      DEC  20      1:00 PM - 4:00 PM       Price: $125     Introductory Price Only:  $99

Reserve Your Seat Now!

our students say:

ds"William, thanks for being more than a voice-over teacher and more like a friend. Thanks again for your everlasting support..." more    Maurice Patton "The Pepsi Guy" with Halle Berry and Barry Bostwick

Not from LOS ANGELES?   Need to perfect your Voice Over Skills?

Aliso Creek Online Voice Over Classes and Less

Until recently the ability to perform voice overs has been limited to folks who live in the major cites in the United States.  But the times they are a-changin'  Now with the advent digital recording technology and the internet, the voice over market across the United States (and around the world!) has opened up to anyone with the talent, skills and drive to pursue it.  With Voice Overs you don't have to be there to do the work!   Voice Over work is an exciting career but you need training to develop professional voice-over skills.  I'm William Williams  and I've been teaching voice overs in Los Angeles for 15 years...

..Now I'm bringing my teaching to anyone in the world with my New Online Voice Over Classes!

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advanced techniques in commercial voice-over:
booking the job workshop!

Cartoon Voice-Over ManImprove your skills of SELF DIRECTION that are necessary in auditions. You'll decide which words to emphasize, how to inflect phrases, which emotions to include. Then you'll mark-up you copy to indicate these techniques and perform them in an audition setting. You'll also develop a signature sound and unique "vocal hooks" that set you aside from the rest. Each class is two and a half hours in length and the classes meet once a week for six weeks.

CALL FOR SCHEDULE       price: $500

advanced techniques in commercial voice-over:
taking direction workshop!

Adapt your abilities to the demands of a VOICE-OVER DIRECTOR. Take technical "micro direction" to achieve the director's vision and emotional direction to achieve an overall vibe that each spot should have. You'll learn to repeat changes as you incorporate additional suggestions, performing multiple takes with extensive direction between takes. These are the techniques you need to book additional work from clients.  Each class is two and a half hours in length and the classes meet once a week for six weeks.

CALL FOR SCHEDULE       price: $500

give us a call:  818-954-9931

Voice Over Classes

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