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Voice Over Virtuosity
LIVE Classes from Aliso Creek

Want a Voice Over Career but Not Sure Where to Begin?

We'll guide you through each step you need to succeed in voice overs

Voice over work is an exciting career for voice-over talent but you need training to develop skills to participate effectively for jobs in this industry. Opportunities exist for voice-over in commercials, animation, narration, plus video games and the internet... more

William Williams - Owner and Instructor

Voice Over Virtuosity
ONLINE Classes from Aliso Creek

Online Voice Over Classes

Not from LOS ANGELES? Take Our Online Classes

Until recently performing voice overs has been limited to folks who live in the major cities.  Now with digital recording and the internet, the voice over world is open to anyone with the skills and drive to pursue it.  You don't have to be there to do the work!  But you need professional voice over skills.   I've been teaching voice overs in Los Angeles for 20 years... I'm bringing my teaching to anyone in the world with my Online Voice Over Classes

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Aliso Creek Productions

We combine expertise in Voice Over Training Workshop Classes for voice over jobs and work in Commercial, Animation and Narration, Voice Over Demos production, Voice Over Production and Directing, Flash Animation and Video and Web Expertise with a healthy dose of computer savvy and a certain joie de vivre to produce Voice Over Talent, Radio Commercials and Animation Content for the Internet. We're located in Burbank near Los Angeles California. Check out each of our specialties. Then give us a call or drop us an email to let us know what you're up to. We'll be happy to show you examples of our work and discuss your needs and how we might be able to help you.   

here's more of what we do at Aliso Creek:

Aliso Creek Radio
Video & Animation Shorts

    Aliso Creek Network
  •   Writing, production and direction
  •   Talented cast and crew
  •   Aggressive promotion in festivals
  •   Internet & alternative exhibition
  •   Pitching to industry-wide contacts

Aliso Creek Records

creative web content design for internet websites

  • Aliso Creek Website Design  Take a Trip with Me
  •   Children's Records
  •   School Musicals
  •   Ukulele music

Aliso Creek Animation
flash animation for profit & fun

  • Aliso Creek AnimationAnimated Website Graphics
  •  Banners for Web Advertising
  •  Animation Web Shows & Games
  •  Animation Casting & Recording
  •  Animation Voice Directing

The Aliso Creek Network
web shows for the wired workforce

    Aliso Creek Network
  •   At Work and  featuring
  •   Soul-Scape with Phillip Guillaume
  •   Meet Joe Webb
  •   The Planet Algoroth
  •   The Virtual Chef

Aliso Creek Radio
implementing Social Media Marketing strategies

  • Aliso Creek Network  Facebook Twitter & LinkedIn 
  •   YouTube video production
  •   Newsletters & Blogs
  •   Podcast production
  •   Radio and TV commercials

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