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You know your business.  And your marketing strategies have always worked.  You have a solid, loyal customer base. But nothing stands still.  Maybe you need to change, grow or expand.  So you must promote your company and seek new customers.  You need to advertise.

But advertising has changed.  No longer is it about shouting your message at passive customers. Today's customers are sophisticated and proactive in their buying decisions.  Customers want to be partners and interact with the brands that they choose.  Nowadays you must engage the customer with social media, the internet and traditional media to create a fully integrated marketing strategy.

And sometimes your options seem overwhelming!  The opportunities to reach your customer have exploded as the internet touches more and more people in their daily lives. 

Here are just some of the effective ways of communicating with your customers:

  •   Your Website
  •   Blog Publishing
  •   YouTube Videos
  •   Podcasts
  •   Social Media--including:
    • A Facebook Page
    • Twitter Feed
    • A LinkedIn Profile
    • A Google+ Account
  •   Newsletters
  •   Your Yelp Listing
  •   Press Releases--Online and Traditional
  •   Judicious use of Paid Advertising:
    • Google Adwords
    • Bing ads
    • Facebook ads
    • Radio
    • Cable TV

today you need to combine ALL of these strategies...

Social Media is where your customers 'are at'

Your customers spend a big percentage of their time on Social Media sites.  According to a recent Nielsen and NM Incite Social Media Report PC users spend 20% of their viewing time on Social Media.  Mobile users spend a whopping 30%.  So you need a presence where your customers are viewing. 


...and the strategies ALL interact with each other

the internet is more 'web' than ever

Your website can entice a newsletter subscriber.  Your newsletter will direct this customer to your blog.  Your blog will mention your latest hints in your YouTube video.  Your video sends customers to your Facebook page.  And a coupon offer sends your customer to Yelp to see your reviews.  So you have a "web" of promotion.  And each section enhances the others.


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the result?  you win new customers...

you can attract new customers at any point in this web

Customers have new ways of finding you.  They may search for you product or service on YouTube.  Or search for your companies Facebook page.  They may read a Yelp review or find you on a helpful blog post. An article can encourage them to subscribe to your podcast or newsletter.


...and keep existing customers involved

existing customers can 'like', 'comment', 'review' and 'post'

The most valuable asset a company can have is long term, loyal customers.  When your customers are your fans, they will promote your business.  They may post a link on Facebook.  Comment on blog article. Subscribe to your newsletter or write a glowing review in Yelp.  In this new world not only are your customers your friends...  the friends of your customers are your friends.

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WOW! this sounds GREAT!    but... don't have the time or the knowledge
to set up and maintain a Social Media Strategy

Each of these Social Media channels requires time and expertise to create.  And each needs consistent attention to remain relevant to your customers.  Maybe you have a blog but the last time you posted to it was in the last decade.  OK, you started a Facebook page but got distracted when the new products started arriving.  And what the heck is Twitter anyway?  How can it help me?


and, of course...

...your work day should consist of you doing what you do best

Understanding and implementing a Social Media business strategy is not the best use of your time.  It requires a steep learning curve and knowledge of how each element can be optimized to enhance the other elements. 



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now you can count on
Aliso Creek New Media to create and maintain
an effective Social Media Strategy for your company

rely on us... and our combined 35 years of marketing experience

At Aliso Creek New Media we have extensive experience in Social Media creation.  So we can quickly and correctly establish your web presence in Social Media.  We also know how to link the various elements together to get you the maximum exposure with a minimum effort. Some tasks we can accomplish for you:

  • Website and blog design and domain registration
  • Facebook registration and Facebook page development
  • Twitter account creation and linking with Facebook and LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn account creation and discovering Connections and Groups
  • YouTube channel creation and video production
  • Google plus registration
  • Pinterest registration and maintenance
  • Adsense and Facebook paid ads

...and we can also create and produce traditional advertising

And we can also work with you to produce traditional advertising media for Radio and Cable TV if it is required. We can provide:

  • Podcast writing and production
  • Radio syndication
  • Radio commercial concepting, writing and production
  • Voice casting and voice direction
  • Video voice over narration
  • Video commercial concepting writing and production
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But Don't
Take Our
Word For It...

some of our
clients include:

  •   Warner Bros. Online
  •   Nancy "Bart Simpson" Cartwright
  •   Princess Cruises
  •   Labriola Nissan
  •   Greyhound
  •   Action in Advertising
  •   Yakov Smirnoff
  •   Tommy Sledge
  •   Harrington Hoch Insurance
  •   Bell Helicopter
  •   KIC Profiling
  •   AT&T
  •   Hanson's Jewelers
  •   Oak Tree Mall
  •   REI
  •   MIT Sloan School of Management

So Let's Get Started!

We never lose sight of your overall business objective. Creativity is used to enhance your message and to increase your company's identity in the marketplace. And our final product will be something you'll be proud of that will work for you.

by William Williams

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