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Aliso Creek Productions was established in 1987 by William Williams to provide audio and music production for the advertising, entertainment and industrial marketplaces. Our skills have grown to encompass a variety of specialties including:

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Radio Commercials

at Aliso Creek we understand radio

Radio is a cost-effective advertising medium that reinforces video or print. But there's a special skill needed to produce effective radio commercials. It's a world where the listener's imagination becomes part of the creative process.

We produce top quality radio spots that grab the listerner's attention and sell products. We'll help you with:

  •   Concepting & Writing
  •   Voice Casting & Directing
  •   Recording and Editing
  •   Sound Effects and Music Bed

Voice Casting

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we'll find the voice you need

We can find the talent to perform your spots. We're based in Burbank, California so we can draw on voice-over talent throughout Southern California and we have great ears so we'll find the voices that match your specifications.

  •   Union and Non-union Casting
  •   Radio and TV Commercials
  •   Animation
  •   Industrial Videos
  •   Audio Books
  •   Promos and Trailers

Talent Directing

we can bring out the best performance

Once you've decided on the talent, we can also direct the recording session. William has 15 years of directing experience and is the founder of The Aliso Creek Voice-Over Workshop so he brings the ability to communicate your desires succinctly to the actors to obtain exactly the results that you want.

  •   Spokesperson Copy
  •   Dramatic Copy
  •   Doubles Spots
  •   Character Spots
  •   Industrial Scripts
  •   Audio Books
  •   Telephone Menus
  •   Self-Help Tapes
  •   Training Material
  •   Industrial Scripts

Jingles and Music Beds

the perfect music to enhance your spot

We have the experience to write and produce jingle lyrics and music as well as music beds for commercials and industrial video. Using our fully-equiped digital recording studios we can produce live music as well as MIDI tracks and we can fully-produce vocal sessions using multiple singers. We also have an extensive collection of library music and sound effects to complete your production.

Digital Recording

we have state-of-the-art facilities

Aliso Creek Productions uses 24 bit Hard Disk Multitrack recording and Automated Mixing which allows the creative flexibility to create the perfect take -- all while maintaining first-generation quality. You'll have more creativity and take less time. That means better productions at a lower cost.

All aspects of your project will be handled in-house from concept creation through the final production of a broadcast quality master tape. Here's some of our equipment:

  •   ProTools Digital Recording
  •   Digital Performer Music Software
  •   Mackie Digital 8 Bus Mixer
  •   Shure, Sennheiser and AKG Mics

But Don't
Take Our
Word For It...

some of our
clients include:

  •   Warner Bros. Online
  •   Nancy "Bart Simpson" Cartwright
  •   Smith Mesa Nissan
  •   Labriola Nissan
  •   Greyhound
  •   Action in Advertising
  •   Yakov Smirnoff
  •   Tommy Sledge

  •   Brian Catalina
  •   Harrington Hoch Insurance
  •   Creative Marketing Services
  •   KIC Profiling
  •   AT&T
  •   Hanson's Jewelers
  •   Oak Tree Mall
  •   Plaza Bonita and many more.

So Let's Get Started!

we can help you with these services

 We never lose sight of your overall business objective. Creativity is used to enhance your message and to increase your product's identity in the marketplace. Our final product will be something that will work for you and something you'll be proud to hear.

  •   Radio Commercial Production
  •   Syndicated Radio Programs
  •   Concepting & Copy Writing
  •   Talent Casting & Directing
  •   Digital Multi-Track Recording & Editing
  •   Sound Effects & Music Beds
  •   Audio for Video
  •   Jingle and Theme Production

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Burbank, CA 91510
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