And now, a span of reflection awaits you...


As the moons gains its greatest power and then relaxes its effect you should culminate your projects and then take time to let your thoughts settle and brew like tea in the sun. The longer you let your inspirations grow undisturbed, the more powerful will be their final effect. Let those latent ideas percolate and prepare to drink deep of new challenges. For now, let go and let be. New adventures will coalesce like planets out of stardust, like refreshing raindrops from vaporous clouds.

Don't ask: the question has answered itself.


Now close your eyes and feel your dream...
then touch your SUN SIGN to Discover
the paths this week may have in store for you!


  GEMINI       CANCER         LEO

    VIRGO         LIBRA         SCORPIO        SAGITTARIUS



ARIES the Ram

Hold on a minute! Resist the temptation to jump right in to that new situation. Your enthusiasm and verve are your strengths but snap decisions may be regreted later in calmer times. So go with the flow a bit and withhold your judgement for a spell. And bite your tounge and count to the proverbial ten before speaking out. Sometimes you catch more prey (and avoid more danger) by laying back in the tall grass. But as the water clears and the picture comes into focus, jump in with both feet. Your confidence will overcome small setbacks if your vision is sound. As for that certain someone, be still and let your opposite make the moves. Respond when you feel true intentions. Be pampered for a while, but don't sulk if the pampering isn't there. Communicate your needs clearly and if they're fair they will come to you. You have expended great energy so use this time to recharge. A period of sustained accomplishment is coming.


Ruling Planet: Mars

Sheath the sword and plan the campaign.
Y0ur goals will carry



TAURUS the Bull

The patience that you have shown will now begin to manifest itself as your plans come to fruition. Harvest each reward as it reaches its maturity: you can't unfold a rose before its time. But don't delay when the time is right. Todays blossom is tomorrow's mulch and each moment passes forever away. Timing is everything. Act! Everything has a cycle and you must determine the beginning and the end. As the door opens, walk boldly in. As it closes, walk away. You can see forever. Use this vision wisely. Trust yourself. You know that you know the way! Give your partner some space to roam. Have faith that your attraction will draw your someone back. Work toward improving yourself and your bond with your other will be more powerful. Strive toward mutual freedom as you gain closeness. A warm coat can relax or stifle. Unbutton a few buttons and it will fit just right. Hey, just be yourself: you are the only you!


Ruling Planet: Venus

Just for now, let your heart rest.
Your desires will remain true without your constant pursuit.
They are pure, trust them to guide you.
But use this time to think things through.



GEMINI the Twins

I don't think others are getting it! Your ideas are solid so take additional care to communicate them to those that need your insight. Don't let a great idea lose life because it isn't nurtured. But you don't need to give all the details. Paint the big picture clearly and let others fill in the details. Try a different direction if Route One has a traffic jam. Pull off at the next exit and take the back roads. Turn the radio off and keep your eyes and ears open. There's some reason that you detoured onto this road. Don't miss the destination while trying to read the map and drive. What your partner needs is a little extra attention for no reason whatsoever. Be spontaneous and listen to your heart for guidance. Just because you've got it all organized doesn't mean it's right. Your heart may tell you things you'll never reason out. It's time for a surprise. Make a wish and blow out the candles. Don't worry, you won't fall out -- now, enjoy the ride!


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Quick bright thoughts. Carry the messages of the gods.
Communicate your ideas. Start something.



CANCER the Crab

Right here! Right now! Make a clear decision and then act on it. You're letting your mind change with each gentle breeze of opinion. You know your options, your pros and cons. So step over the line. As the moon reaches its peak you should let your intuitions and intellect sum up the subject and move on. Believe me, there will be other situations for you to ruminate on. Put this one to bed. Lights out! Tomorrow's another day. With your partner, let the old hurt go. The past is just that: past. These are the good old days of tomorrow so build new memories and hopes. All that you have done in the past is forever a part of the universe so don't don't try to hold on. It will remain without your effort like an old sweater in the closet to take out and touch when the need is there. But for now, dress in your newest, brightest outfit and walk out into the new day. Home feels better when you venture out and then return.


Ruling Planet: Moon

Where is the moon and how has it changed?
It draws the oceans and the emotions, ever growing and shrinking.
Take a picture -- it lasts longer.



LEO the Lion

You've got some solid ideas but you're putting people off by being full of yourself. Take a listen to other opinions and remember that the whole is greater than its parts. Rather than bowl people over, use your personal strength to pull them all together. Then you'll gain appreciation rather than resentment. Remember that others have their own way of accomplishing the same tasks so allow each person their space to acheive in their own way. The goal, not the path, is the objective. With your significant other, watch that a small infraction doesn't turn into a large wound. Don't expect so much or you will sow the seeds of certain disappointment. Accept the rewards as they are viewed in your partners eyes and you will see their value more clearly. Let your guard down a bit, you might be surprised at the results.


Ruling Planet: Sun

Golden orb that enlivens the earth.
The central indicator of a person's self.



VIRGO the Virgin

You have it all figured out but you are so bogged down in a thousand details you can't move from planning to action! Simplify! Work from an outline. The details can be filled in as needed. The good news is that you plan well. The bad news is that your plans can be infinite and envelope you. You'll never figure it all out so don't try. Just take that first step that you planned. The other steps will reveal themselves -- and they won't be in your well-defined roadmap! So just sketch it out -- forget the photo-realism. Your significant other wants to love you. Love yourself so that this can happen. Your doubts and suspicions are in your own mind's eye. As you see yourself, that is how you envision others seeing you. But you are lost in the details and the parts. The complete you is balanced and beautiful. Let your total self shine. Don't continue to erase and redraw. The portrait is finished. Frame it.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Swift and accurate thoughts serve as your foundation.
Build on this with intuition.
Crown it with inspiration.



LIBRA the Scales

Try to avoid zero sum situations and instead strive for a win/win approach to conflicts. Listen to each viewpoint and seek out the key attributes of each person's goals. Then craft a plan that moves everyone forward. As the fall equinox approaches, this is a time of year for balance and stability. The strivings of Summer are past and the rest of winter is just ahead. Put things in order for now. Your friends will look to you for the final word. Trust them to trust you. Seek stimulating, creative endeavors to stir your heart to action. Don't test the affections of your certain someone with trivial arguments. Contrived conflict will only drive a wedge between you at this time. Rather relax in the sincerity of your partner's caring. Don't strike the match to test if it will light when you need it! Your someone's support will be there when you need it. So lean on one another for a time. And relax -- the universe is doing just fine.


Ruling Planet: Venus

Balance the hot emotions of desire
with the temperance of love.



SCORPIO the Scorpion

Get up and get out and do something physical. Burn off that excess energy and you'll have the vigor to tackle new tasks. Don't look over your shoulder. This isn't a race and you're not competing with anyone. Set your own standards and then acheive them. You are the measure of all things. Right now, try for a slow burn rather than a flame out. Slow and steady will conquer these obstacles. DOn't put things off because they seem overwhelming. Sometimes life's a sprint but right now it's a marathon. Pace yourself and you will cross the finish line. So maybe it's time to get proactive with your certain someone. You make the call and follow through. Your forwardness will pay rewards as your other responds to the assuredness of your affection. You step forward, your someone steps back. The tango of amour. End the dance in an embrace...


Ruling Planet: Pluto

Listen to your dreams and step in their direction:
your true mind is in your subconscious.




I don't think you need another task on your plate right now. You may think you can handle it but all the other challenges in your life will suffer and nothing will get done the way you like it. So tidy up what you have right now. Your narrower focus will result in excellent results and you'll free up time and energy for this new adventure that you covet. Steer clear of monotonous tasks. They'll tire you and you won't get the more creative tasks done. Save the humdrum for a period of lower energy. Now is a time for fast, clear thought and decisive action. Imagine it, visualize it, and realize it. After the fires have banked in your relationship with you partner, look deeply for lasting qualities that provide companionship. Journey on the road together as lovers and helpers. Don't be afraid to ask for space if you need it. Just stay withen the sound of your partners mind. Smile when you next greet each other. A smile is a badge of contentment.


Ruling Planet: Jupiter

A planet of growth and accomplishment.
dust your hands off:
a job well done!




Perhaps it is the time to pull back a bit. Keep your cards close to the vest and be still in your own thoughts. You often involve others in your plans but you often keep your true motivations to yourself. So be it! Spend this time alone with your thoughts and use your self-confirming meditations to assure yourself of your path and your goals. Don't look away if a vision conflicts with your defined description of things. Look it in the eye and learn from it. Set your sails on a new course and adjust as the wind changes direction. The best sailors can sail into the wind with ease. Let adversity give you momentum toward your desires. But with your certain someone, open up. Say the words you often think. Give the gift of your imagination. We all need reassurance at times and words from your lips are like cool water in the desert. Be one together in the shade of the oasis. Begin the journey refreshed.


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Guard your thoughts and place your bets carefully.



AQUARIUS the Waterbearer

Keep a tighter rein on your originalty. Freak out but don't gross out. Life is 90% conventional and 10% original. Put your touch on life's mundane things and watch them sparkle. But don't overdo it. Art is about balance and moderation as well as flamboyance. Butthen again, every once in a while, go ahead and go for it. Your inspiration may move heaven and earth. If you've got it flaunt it! You do a great service to others with your hope aqnd optimism. Often when the ground is sinking you lift us up and keep us moving. But do add a touch of reality check. If in your best judgement things look solid, then step on up. Your's is the path to the stars. Search for a true soulmate. You need strong love and it's worth waiting for the right person to make a commitment. Go ahead and flirt but withhold judgement until your heart and head say yes. Then hold on and don't let go...


Ruling Planet: Uranus

The spark of inspiration; a fresh idea out of the blue.



PISCES the Fishes

Sometimes the wind blows so hard that all the tent stakes get pulled up. Don't just sit there watching it blow away! You'have to pull the flaps back down to earth and restake the four corners. This will give you the shelter to accomplish other tasks. Nail down your base of operations first. Then you can journey far abroad and still know your home base is waiting when you return. Let your dreams create beauty and wonder. Use your thoughts to fuel fresh accomplishments. Don't let your imagination turn dark or you'll find the shawdows in the room have a life of their own. Learn to rest in the stillness. It is in the quiet times that your creativity will flourish. Go ahead and overwelm your partner with your affection. This is why your partner chose you. A little romance will go a long way so have fun and do it right. Perhaps even a little role playing would be appropriate...


Ruling Planet: Neptune

A twinkle in your eye
a spell whispered under your breath.