William Williams Matt Robert Williams started his career giving edutainment presentations at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in San Francisco. His talents were immediately recognized by the Six Flags CEO and Marketing Director for his work in promoting and marketing the park.

Matt took his knowledge of marketing and applied them to writing and performing commercial voice overs. He has read for clients such as Whole Foods, REI and Deloitte Financial. Matt has also voiced characters for video games.

Further developing his passion for writing, Matt writes screenplays for film shorts as well as feature length films. Having a broad background in the entertainment industry has been invaluable in the production of film projects.
Matt Robert Williams performs, writes and produces only projects that he would like to watch himself and have deeper meaning.

He can be contacted by phone at 818-954-9931 or online at http://mattrobertwilliams.com

Our Team

William Williams William Williams

Founder and CEO

William Williams has over 30 years experience in various aspects of commercial and animation... More

Matt Robert Williams Matt Robert Williams

Vice President of Production

Matt Robert Williams started his career giving edutainment presentations at Six Flags Discovery... More

Karen Wilson Karen Wilson

Vice President of Marketing

Karen Wilson began her sales career as inside sales manager for a multi-level marketing... More



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