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NEW! Virtual Live Voice Over Classes

Our LIVE Studio Classes are Cancelled

Here's an update of the status of my live voice over classes in my Burbank studio.

I’ve been teaching voice over for 25+ years and have worked with thousands of students over that time.

The best part of that experience is the ability to meet with each student face to face and get to know them, their goals and how I can work with them to achieve those goals.

I’ve always keep the class sizes small so I can work individually with you. And the small class size allows my students to interact and enjoy each other's company and encourage their skills.

This has all come to a sudden stop with the threat of the coronavirus and the requirement for “social distancing” that it entails. Of course this is a disappointment to me and all the students.

We Are Introducing "Virtual LIVE Classes" using

I’ve searched for a way to continue this “interaction” style of learning.

To accomplish this I am implementing remote classes using and app called Zoom. You can check it out at ZOOM.US.

This is professional conferencing software used by the largest corporations to hold conferences with members from all over the world.

There are several things I like about Zoom:

Here is a screenshot of a test session I just did (I’m the poorly lighted guy-hey, it was a test!):

zoom meeting


It works best on laptops and desktops-only because the screen is bigger- but three of the participants above are on smartphones. So that works too.

By the way, this is being done in public schools and universities with good results.

So my brave VOers, I’m asking you to work with me remotely on Zoom for the existing and future classes until the isolation is over.

Not From Los Angeles?

Since this is a virtual meeting you don't need to be in Burbank... or Los Angeles... or California... or the USA to join.

The only restrictions:

I'm excited to bring my teaching to a wider range of students

With every setback there are opportunities. Use this new way of learning to gain the skills of voice over in a fun an exciting way!


Check out the schedule of Virtual Voice Over Classes here.


Can't attend a regular schedule of classes? Try my ONLINE Commercial Voice Over Course


If the scheduled classes don't work for you, check out my Online Commercial Voice Over Course. It's all the material I teach in my live classes with

And you can learn at home on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Plus you're a member for life so you'll receive any updates.


Check out the Online Commercial Voice Over Course here.


Not sure? Take my free Sample Lesson and Evaluation


If you are unsure if voice over is right for you, take my FREE Sample Lesson and evaluation with:

Take my FREE Sample Lesson here


So turn your time into an opportunity to explore voice over


And I'll work with you to make that happen!


In the meantime…



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