5 Steps to Getting Started On VoiceoverUniverse.com

The emergence of more niche-based sites has made voice over self-promotion easier than ever. One niche social networking site that is a must for voice artists is Voiceover Universe. In this article we will walk you through five easy steps to get up in running and promoting your career on VoiceoverUniverse.com.

1-Take the Plunge- Jumping in both feet first is as easy as entering www.voiceoveruniverse.com in your browser window. Once you have reached the site you will notice in the upper right hand corner, there is a “sign up” button. From here you will want to fill in all of your personal information. If there are categories such as voice description and dialects that you may be unsure of, you can look at other member’s profiles to spark any ideas of descriptions of the style and dialects you are able to perform.

2-Demonstrate Your Skills- One of the unique features that VO Universe boasts is the ability of members to upload their various demo reels. As soon as you completely fill out your profile you will want to immediately upload your demo reels. To best represent yourself you should have a professionally produced demo as a self-made demo will usually detract from your professionalism.

3-Be Friendly- Voice Over Universe has close to six thousand members who are all involved in the VO industry. Take this opportunity to find any fellow industry members that you may already know and members that catch your eye, building a professional network. This network could produce recommendations for possible auditions.

4-Voice Your Voice- Similar to Facebook, VO Universe has “Groups” where people gather to discuss various topics in the industry. Find groups that interest you or that may pertain to your geographical location such as the Los Angeles Voice Actors group. When you feel confident and have a following on your posts, you can start your own group discussing topics that interest you.

5-Mr Post Man- Another feature that is somewhat unique to the Universe is the possibility to post blog entries. A blog differs from discussion groups in the sense that the post is more of a short article on a VO topic of interest or an opinion on a topic. Members do have the ability to comment on this blog post.  However it is not as much of a two-way discussion as groups are. This is a great way to be seen and give your input on an industry that is ever changing.

After working through these five simple steps, you will have begun building a reputation throughout the site which will lead to meeting many new friends and discovering new opportunities for auditions and jobs in the voice-over industry.

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3 Responses to 5 Steps to Getting Started On VoiceoverUniverse.com

  1. Del Roy says:

    Can’t remember where I heard about VO Universe, BUT, as a pro since 1985, I should know more–and be involved.
    I confess to being somewhat technologically challenged,
    but hope this email response results in info about participation. Thanks, Del Roy

    Eugene, Or. delroy@comcAST.NET

  2. Ray Ensrud(aka Ray Sherwood) says:

    After spending 20 years in radio, I now work for the Postal Service(ugh!) . However I still want to use this God given ability . My voice can be everything from hard sell to melted butter. My problem is not having the tech equipment or savvy to upload. I do have a professionally done cd however and resume’…..HELP!

    • William Williams says:

      Ray, you can actually produce excellent, broadcast quality VOs with very little equipment. I would recommend a Blue Yeti mic (around $150) some Sony MDR-7506 headphones ($99) and Audacity software (free!). And then sign up for voices.com or voice123.com. You should make all that money back with your first three jobs. Check out my articles under FAQs to get the knowledge you need. http://alisocreek.net/voiceover.html

      I worked for the Post Office for three years, as a mail handler and a carrier!

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