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Use Audacity Software to Record Auditions and Jobs

When it comes to submitting auditions to pay-to-play internet voice-over sites, there are a few key tools needed for success:

You need a computer, a USB microphone to record the audition, some sound control in your audition space, and an application that gives you the capability to record and edit your auditions and jobs.

Audacity is an open source (that means free!) recording software that will give you the ability to record and tweak your auditions into the best representation of your voice.

Audacity is the answer to your digital audio recording needs, and here are some of the more important features to create that perfect audition;

  • Everyone can play as there are versions for both the PC and Mac platforms
  • You can record and edit unlimited numbers of tracks giving you the opportunity to add music or sound effects under your voice track for production work
  • Send your audio files through emails with the ability to export and import MP3 files
  • Export and import .wav files and .aiff files for high resolution delivery.
  • Easily cut, copy, paste and the always important, unlimited undo and redo features
  • Easily remove unwanted sounds such as static, hisses, hums, or other background noise
  • Submit crystal clear auditions with 16, 24, and 32 bit sound recording at up to 96 kHz sample rate
  • Master your audition by applying compression, limiting and normalizing  effects
  • The best feature of all, it’s FREE

Audacity is a powerful tool that will take your potential and send it to the next level by making sure your audition is of the highest quality possible. When clients receive auditions with obvious quality issues, they will simply send it to the trash bin.  Use  Audacity and you will survive this quality control step. However, as Voltaire and later Uncle Ben said to Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” When submitting auditions, you will want to use tools like Audacity to clean up your audition. But using Audacity to alter your voice making it sound different from your original spot is misleading and will ultimately come back to bite you when you are indeed hired to record for the client.  So use the features sparingly to create a presentation that represents the best you can be. Now go and take this new found power and send your career into hyper-drive. Here is the website for the free download:

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