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Conversational vs Announcer Voice Over Styles

You only need to read through a handful of audition descriptions before you run into the word “conversational”. Or you may find the direction more negative such as “no disc jockey or announcer”. As voice over styles evolve, there is … Continue reading

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Sound: Voice Over’s Friend and Foe

Voice Over is unique artistic performance because it is entirely produced with sound. There are other performances of sound–a live rock concert for example– that depend on sound but they have other aspects that contribute to the experience: costuming, lighting, … Continue reading

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Voice Over Audition: I Care! I Don’t Care! Cure Audition Separation Anxiety

So you raise your voice over audition up properly, give it the finest preparation, a positive attitude and an engaging personality. You sigh and you heart beats faster as you send your mature baby out into the world.  You have … Continue reading

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