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How to pitch your skills and get voice over jobs

You Can Say “Yes! I have a Phone Patch!”

Improve your jobs and earn more money faster with a “phone patch” If you’ve done any jobs from online casting in your home studio you may have experienced the “do it again” syndrome.  This occurs when the client fails to … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Voice Over Website? Here Are 9 Hints to Help You

You’re voice over demo may be available many places on the web.  Your agent may post your demo on their site.  You may be on  If you participate in online casting your demo is on that site as well. … Continue reading

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Different Ways to Deliver LARGE Voice Over Audio files

Well, it happened again. I got a small job for a video narration about a hotel. No big deal. Two and half pages. A few words that were tricky to pronounce but overall an easy job. Then I got the … Continue reading

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Speed Up Those Online Voice Over Auditions for Mo’ Money

  If you are performing online auditions, eventually you’re going to need to speed up the process.  Nowadays we voice pros wear a variety of hats.  When you’re auditioning you’re the talent, the booth director and the engineer.  Well, now … Continue reading

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The Top Three Ways to Use for Voice Over Promotion

When you log into Facebook, the first thing that you see is the “news feed” of all your friends talking about getting frozen yogurt or posting the latest picture of their adorable kid. While this is all and fun when … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Getting Started On

The emergence of more niche-based sites has made voice over self-promotion easier than ever. One niche social networking site that is a must for voice artists is Voiceover Universe. In this article we will walk you through five easy steps … Continue reading

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Can Using Facebook Promote Your Voice Over Career?

Aliso Creek Studios and William Williams are here to hold your hand as we walk you through the process of building a social media self-promotion machine.  Start is with a social networking site.  Facebook is the most popular and easy … Continue reading

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Using Social Media for Voice Over Self-Promotion

There are several key tools that a budding voice-over artist needs in their arsenal to build a successful career. Your voice-over demo reel presents your skills to potential clients. It can also help you obtain a commercial agent and represent … Continue reading

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You Have a Voice Over Demo Reel- Now Promote It!

There are a few tools that are critical for a career in voice over. Tool number one is the voice over demo. This is your calling card in the industry.  The conversation goes like this… you: “I do voice overs”, … Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot in the Dark-Feedback from

Sometimes auditioning feels like shooting free throws in a pitch dark gymnasium. If you miss you hear the ball bounce off into the darkness. But if you score the rim lights up, signaling your success. Your misses give you no information … Continue reading

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