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Voice Over Home Recording Studio – What you really need

Yes you need the ability to record at home to be a voice over talent.  But if you’re just beginning, keep it simple.  Here are the four things you need to create broadcast quality recordings.  Any other tips? Let me … Continue reading

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Build It and They WON’T Come. 5 steps to Voice Over Promotion

We all remember the line from Field of Dreams.  Kevin Costner kept hearing a voice in his head that said “build it, he will come”.  If you’re interested in being a voice over artist you have to, indeed, build it. … Continue reading

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Think “I Can’t Afford a Voice Over Demo”? Well, Think Again!

I was talking to one of my students.  He had invested in taking my commercial class and showed good potential.  He had also purchased the bare equipment needed to record at home.  He sent me a MP3 of a test … Continue reading

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Annoying Quirks in Audacity and How to Fix Them for Voice Over Recording

To record voiceovers you need four things:  A computer, a microphone, headphones and a recording application.  You can get fancier if you want, but these four items will get you where you want to go.  I recommend Audacity as a effective … Continue reading

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Think USB Mics Aren’t Professional for Voice Over?

To USB or not to USB? Some people caution against using a USB mic for voice over.  But these mics have evolved. Now you can create broadcast quality audio with a USB microphone.  But you have to choose the right … Continue reading

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To Breathe or Not To Breathe-in Jobs and Auditions

I am a firm believer that speeding up auditions equals more auditions turned in equals more jobs.  And this efficiency means mo’ money per hour of auditioning.  When I read an audition there is often a sentence or two that I … Continue reading

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Is This Client Nuts? Watch That Word Count!

Ok, you’re signed up with or and a new audition is posted with a budget of $1000.00.  Looks good to me… until you open the project description.  This is someone’s autobiography and it’s 110, 000 words.  Yikes!  That’s … Continue reading

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Doing Pickups? Do You Match Your Sound?

OK, you finished a long, involved business narration.  You’ve done the slicing and dicing and sent the client flawless edited files.  Maybe you underbid this job a little but you stuck it out and you finally uploaded the files, invoiced … Continue reading

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Eliminate Noise in Your Voice Over Recordings

What is Noise in a Voice Over Recording? Trying to define noise is like trying to define a “weed”.  A rose can be a weed in a vegetable garden.  Many a lawn-care expert spends much energy defeating the dreaded dandelion and … Continue reading

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Should You Use Brand Names in Your Voice Over Demo?

The “brand name” controvery If you research voice over commercial demo production on the internet, at some point you will be confronted with the “brand name” controversy. It goes like this:  Should I use real brand names in the copy … Continue reading

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