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Are You Missing These 6 “Musts” for a Pro Voice Over Demo?

Your demo is your calling card in the voice over world. It is used by you, casting services, agents and clients to evaluate and market your skills. With the availability of high quality recording equipment there is a tendency to … Continue reading

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Think “I Can’t Afford a Voice Over Demo”? Well, Think Again!

I was talking to one of my students.  He had invested in taking my commercial class and showed good potential.  He had also purchased the bare equipment needed to record at home.  He sent me a MP3 of a test … Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot in the Dark-Feedback from

Sometimes auditioning feels like shooting free throws in a pitch dark gymnasium. If you miss you hear the ball bounce off into the darkness. But if you score the rim lights up, signaling your success. Your misses give you no information … Continue reading

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