Stop Killing Trees! Digital Book Readers & Tablets for Voice Over

Use the Amazon Kindle or a tablet to read copy for auditions and jobs

Use the Amazon Kindle or a tablet to read copy for auditions and jobs

While the demand for voice-over talent has grown dramatically in the past few years, so has the increase in competition.

That is why in today’s VO industry, whatever you can do to cut down on the time it takes to work through auditions will increase your chances of striking gold and booking the job.

One way to increase your audition efficiency is by using digital tablets such as the Apple iPad or book readers like the Kindle to transfer, store and then read copy for auditions.

When auditioning through pay-to-play sites, it is all a numbers game. If you have taken commercial voice-over classes, you have a demo, and you’ve set up your home studio, then the one action required to get a paying voice-over job is to AUDITION. And the more you audition the greater your chances of getting that job. By loading up 20 auditions worth of copy on a tablet or kindle you save time, paper and ink on printing and you can easily keep track of the spots. You can also carry around the spots and practice reading whenever and wherever you have the time without worrying about shuffling stacks of papers around with you.

You can also rest assured that you are keeping your VO career green while trying to make green.  If you read 20 auditions a week for a year, you will go through over 1,000 sheets of paper a year. When you go paperless with your auditions you are not only saving time but helping save the planet! A tablet or kindle also allows you to travel and audition or perform without the need to print the copy.

With the price of digital book readers and touch pads coming down all of the time, the ease and access to these technologies can reduce the time and expense needed in the audition process. And again the more auditions you complete on a regular basis the more you will increase the odds of getting that paying job! As you start to collect satisfied clients you are also increasing the likelihood of return business with those same clients.


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