Fun Improv Class Enhances Your Voice Over Spontaneity

The essence of a great voice actor is the ability to speak the written word as if it was spontaneous. This may seem challenging, but with the fun and exhilarating exercises of Improvisation, not only will you become a better voice actor, but you’ll have fun and meet exciting people like yourself.

Voice acting is a mix of both the critical script analyzing left brain and the fun spontaneous, intuitive and artistic right brain. The techniques learned in fundamentals classes such as analyzing script and knowing what keywords to put emphasis on, are necessary skills in voice over acting. However, you need that artistic, method acting approach of being in the moment to really make the script come alive-And this is where Improvisation plays a key role.

Improvisation uses fun and exciting games that get you and the rest of the class up on your feet and in the moment. These games are designed to immediately place you in a setting, create a character and know what their perspective is and how they feel about the situation. These games have you interact with other voice actors creating better timing and lively exchanges.

Using these same concepts, you can then directly apply them to commercial, animation and double spots. When the spontaneity of Improv is used in voice acting, it helps create characters that know who they are, where they are, and how they feel about the product or service they are selling-forcing that copy  to come alive, spontaneous and spoken through the artistic heart of the right brain rather than simply reading the words through the perception of the left brain.

Improvisation is also a great tool to help add personality and perspective to any characters you may have already come up with for animation cartoons. It can also help create new characters that you never knew you had in you.

The many benefits of Improvisation are no longer only for the likes of Ryan Styles and the rest of the “Who’s Line Is It Anyways” crew, but can be used to make you a more successful voice actor.

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