Get On Track with William Williams Voice Over GPS™

William Williams Voice Over GPSPlan your voice over journey with my “no BS” free guideWilliam Williams Voice Over GPS™.  You’ll learn:

  • Training-Why voice over is different than speech
  • Coaching-How working one-on-one will benefit you
  • Voice Over Demo-Make sure your demo pops
  • Home Recording-Skills and equipment you need
  • VO Casting-Where to find work
  • Plus Websites, Agents & SAG-AFTRA

Don’t go it alone. Take advantage of my 25+ years of experience to find the fastest route to your VO destination.

Just fill in your name and email to download your free copy now.  And then put the pedal to the metal!

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Promote Your Voice Overs with “The Milking Stool” Strategy

vulturesYou’ve worked on your voice over performance skills and technique.  Yeah, you can always get better but you feel you’re competitive and can give the clients a read they’ll be proud to exhibit.

Your voice has interesting variety and you have an authentic sincerity that will even warm the hearts of dishwasher soap consumers.

I always say, to be in the voice over business, you need to enjoy the process.  Auditioning should be fun, engaging your performing skills.  Recording and editing should challenge your left brain.  And the business aspects should give you pride of accomplishment.

But if you’re not getting any work… Continue reading

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Are You Missing These 6 “Musts” for a Pro Voice Over Demo?

Your demo is your calling card in the voice over world. It is used by you, casting services, agents and clients to evaluate and market your skills.

With the availability of high quality recording equipment there is a tendency to attempt to create your own demo. But recording is only one aspect of a top-notch demo. And a “home-brewed” demo could restrict your opportunities for the best work.

Here are six aspects of a quality voice over demo. And some reasons why working with a demo producer will give you the best results.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Click here for more info on Demo Production.

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Voice Over Home Recording Studio – What you really need

Yes you need the ability to record at home to be a voice over talent.  But if you’re just beginning, keep it simple.  Here are the four things you need to create broadcast quality recordings.  Any other tips? Let me know in the comments.

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ADR Automated Dialog Replacement for Film-at Aliso Creek Studios

aliso creek adrEver since the “Talkies” were invented, film has been a combination of the visual element – the film – and audio elements – dialog, ambiance, sound effects, “foley” and music.  The first problem they had to solve was “synching” the sound with the video.  A primitive way to do that was the slate clapperboard.  When they clapped the top of the board together it provide a visual cue and an audio cue which they could align when they married the sound and picture together.  Later techniques involved time code that connected the camera to the sound recording equipment. Continue reading

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Build It and They WON’T Come. 5 steps to Voice Over Promotion

baseball field and mic

Don’t wait for them to come… promote your voice over skills

We all remember the line from Field of Dreams.  Kevin Costner kept hearing a voice in his head that said “build it, he will come”.  If you’re interested in being a voice over artist you have to, indeed, build it.  Establishing a firm base in voice over includes getting solid instruction.  Learn what you’ve mastered and what you need to work on.  Always keep improving.

It also means getting the technical equipment and knowledge necessary to compete in this 21st century cyberworld. Learn to record at home and ship your audio files to anyone in the world in any format.

But unlike the figure in Field of Dreams, you can build this correct foundation–but they WON’T come.  The missing ingredient is PROMOTION.  Here are five steps to follow to promote your skills. Continue reading

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Think “I Can’t Afford a Voice Over Demo”? Well, Think Again!

man-on-mic-cropflopI was talking to one of my students.  He had invested in taking my commercial class and showed good potential.  He had also purchased the bare equipment needed to record at home.  He sent me a MP3 of a test recording and it sounded fine: quiet recording, good levels, and good performance.

Then he said: do I really need a professionally produced demo?  I can’t afford it.  This surprised me because he is also an on-camera actor.  He has the required professional headshots and a resume.  And I know he’s taken several acting classes to fill that resume.

So I asked: Why are you interested in doing voice over?  His answer:  Because I want to earn money doing what I love.

I’m usually not so abrupt, but I said: Then you can’t afford NOT to have a professionally produced demo!  Continue reading

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Annoying Quirks in Audacity and How to Fix Them for Voice Over Recording

girl on micTo record voiceovers you need four things:  A computer, a microphone, headphones and a recording application.  You can get fancier if you want, but these four items will get you where you want to go.  I recommend Audacity as a effective and simple program to record your voice over demos.  It’s easy to use, it produces high quality audio and it’s FREE.  You can’t beat that.  But Audacity has some “idiosyncrasies” that drive me crazy.  Here are the top three annoying oddities and how to work around them. Continue reading

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Think USB Mics Aren’t Professional for Voice Over?

To USB or not to USB?

Some people caution against using a USB mic for voice over.  But these mics have evolved. Now you can create broadcast quality audio with a USB microphone.  But you have to choose the right mic!

Remember: Look for these specs in a USB Mic

  • A quality microphone–+$150
  • Gain control on the mic (a knob)
  • Headphone jack on the mic for zero latency monitoring
  • 20-20,000 hz frequency response
  • Perhaps 24 bit

And you will be ready to record in your voice over home studio.

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To Breathe or Not To Breathe-in Jobs and Auditions

Girl blowing flowerI am a firm believer that speeding up auditions equals more auditions turned in equals more jobs.  And this efficiency means mo’ money per hour of auditioning.  When I read an audition there is often a sentence or two that I “pick up” so there is usually some quick editing involved in creating the final audition.

I also like to clean the beginning and the end with silence.  So no rattling paper sound or me mumbling “man this copy really sucks…”  But then the question arises “should I take out the breaths?”  The answer is no… and yes. Continue reading

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