How To Read the VOICE123.COM Audition Page

Sometimes auditioning feels like shooting free throws in a pitch black gymnasium. If you miss you hear the ball bounce off into the darkness. But if you score the rim lights up, signaling your success. Your misses give you no information regarding how you missed or by how far. And your successes signal an achievement and give you a momentary glimpse of the target: you guessed correctly!

If you’re signed up with the online voice over marketplace VOICE123.COM, thankfully you can get much more information than this. By analyzing the the audition specifications, then reviewing your audition outbox and checking your “My Stats” page you can get a roadmap of where you’re going an banish a bit of that “shooting in the dark” feeling.

And this will help you improve and nail more auditions over time.

First lets take a look at some of the information you can glean from the audition page. If you’re going to play a casino game, it would be nice to know your odds of winning. Well, gives you some insight into your odds. uses a system called “Smart•Cast®” to send out the auditions it receives. First, it makes sure that the specs of the job match your Profile. So you only get jobs that match your gender and age range.

It also scans your profile for keywords, so if you do a great New York accent put that in your profile so that Smart•Cast® can pick out this ability. It also adjusts your opportunities based on the budget levels you respond to. Like high-dollar jobs? Respond only to those and Smart•Cast® will send you more and more of them. Aiming for the low budget jobs? Once again Smart•Cast® notices that trend and offers you that work.

Each audition gives you an idea how many competitors you have. The audition page tells you the voice seeker is seeking “n” auditions. This number can be as low as 10 or as high as 200. I tend to avoid anything over 50. BUT… hang on there… The page also tells you how many people have already responded. So if the seeker wants 200 responses but there are only a few responses so far I’ll go ahead and audition. At least I’m at the head of the line!

And if you want more insight into the voice seeker… scroll down to the bottom of the audition page. There you will find how many projects the voice seeker has submitted over time. If they do a lot of projects, I want them to hear my voice. So I’ll submit to a “cattle call” in that case as well.

Want even more data on the voice seeker? click the “click here to learn more about this voice seeker” button. You’ll be taken to new page where you can see how the seeker has been a member, how many projects the seeker has posted, how recently they posted, how many direct invitations they’ve sent out and the percentage of auditions they actually listen to! So if I’m “iffy” on a project, I’ll scroll down to see how serious the seeker is and how valuable they would be as a client.

After you submit an audition you can then check its status in the Audition Outbox. Here you’ll find more information that can direct your future auditions. And you can examine the “My Stats” section of the site to see how you stack up with other members. More on this at a later date.

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