The Top Three Ways to Use for Voice Over Promotion

When you log into Facebook, the first thing that you see is the “news feed” of all your friends talking about getting frozen yogurt or posting the latest picture of their adorable kid. While this is all and fun when keeping in touch with your long lost high school buddy, we need a social networking site that cuts to the chase.

In the plethora of social networking sites, remains to be one of the few that is strictly for your professional network. Here are the top three ways to get the most out of for your voice-over career.

1-Socialize – Much like many other social networking websites; the first step to getting started is building your network. Use the search feature to find fellow members that you already know. Then search for “voice over” to find more fellow performers.  Now this is where the power of comes in.  Once you have added industry friends you can you have them recommend you to even more industry members through what is called an “Introduction”. With these new connections it will get easier and easier to bump into people who are involved more in the casting side of the entertainment industry, giving you the opportunity to connect to someone who will give you an audition or recommend you for one.  Linked also recognizes your interests and recommends possible connections.

2-The more the Merrier- Many other social networking sites also have groups that you can join and so does However, the groups on LinkedIn are professional voice-over industry members rather than any random member who want to join.  Once you have joined several groups, you can participate, interacting with these members to build an even stronger network of potential opportunities for auditions. This is also a great way to get your name circulating with industry members.  The groups also discuss many topics that are relevant to the voice over community.

3-What Would You Recommend- While there are similar traits that shares with other networking sites, there is one tool that is not only unique, but very powerful. With your network in place, you can have members that you are particularly close with write recommendations for you. When new members, industry members or casting directors visit your page they will scroll down to be greeted by warm and genuine words that will put you at the top of a short list of candidates for auditions and jobs.

In the modern age that we live in where everyone is linked together using social media, there has been no better time to use social media to advance your voice acting career ambitions. And with tools like, it is important to take advantage of every opportunity possible to help you nudge out in front of the next guy over. In doing so you are setting yourself up for success all while making many amazing friends. 

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