Think USB Mics Aren’t Professional for Voice Over?

To USB or not to USB?

Some people caution against using a USB mic for voice over.  But these mics have evolved. Now you can create broadcast quality audio with a USB microphone.  But you have to choose the right mic!

Remember: Look for these specs in a USB Mic

  • A quality microphone–+$150
  • Gain control on the mic (a knob)
  • Headphone jack on the mic for zero latency monitoring
  • 20-20,000 hz frequency response
  • Perhaps 24 bit

And you will be ready to record in your voice over home studio.

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And Keep Talking!

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2 Responses to Think USB Mics Aren’t Professional for Voice Over?

  1. I like the MIC 96k. The only tiny drawback is it is small and light so it needs to be firmly positioned so it doesn’t move while you are performing. It’s major plus is that it interfaces with iPhones and iPads so you can use it to record broadcast quality on the road with the MIC 96 and an iOS app. Apogee is famed for providing the best stand alone A/D converters so the quality is high. It also does 24-bit/96kHz, so add that to the list of 24bit mics.

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