Can Using Facebook Promote Your Voice Over Career?

Aliso Creek Studios and William Williams are here to hold your hand as we walk you through the process of building a social media self-promotion machine.  Start is with a social networking site.  Facebook is the most popular and easy to use social networking site at the moment. As a tool for self-promotion, it is a good idea to start by creating a seperate professional account that focuses on building a network centered on voice-overs. When filling out your profile you will want each category such as education to focus on that which has to do with your VO background, such as training and workshops you’ve participated in.

Once you have your profile set up you can start building a network of friends that are related to the industry. Add anyone you already know such as fellow actors you have met in workshops and voice-over classes you’ve participated in as well as the instructor. From there you add other industry members that your current friends know, building a list of movers and shakers in the industry.

Now that you’ve added every imaginable person as a friend you will want to join discussion groups related to the voice-over industry.  Discussion groups act as gathering places for people in the industry to meet and discuss all the late breaking topics that pertain to voice-overs.  They are a great place to meet even more contacts as well as being a venue where you can begin to build a reputation amongst people involved in the industry. When you have joined a group and commented on fellow members topics you can move forward to starting your own discussion strings. The best results will follow by starting discussions on topics you’re interested in and of course relate to the industry. From there you can interact with members who comment on your discussion, further establishing your reputation in the voice-over world.

When you have built a great network and following in your discussion topics, you can take your social networking to the next level and create your own group. There, you can mediate many discussions and continue to build your reputation as a leader in the industry, promoting your knowledge and gaining attention.

With your social network in place it is now time to share! As you further delve into social media, you will soon find that every site has the option to share. Sharing automatically updates other social media sites that you have signed up for with your activities. Two other main social networking sites in which you will want to sign up for are Linked In and Twitter. Linked in has a similar platform as Facebook geared more towards professionals where Twitter is solely updates written by its members streaming to their friends. Another shared characteristic of these two sites is the availability for you to share your activity on other sites straight to Twitter and Linked In, generating more exposure for your self-promoting machine. Even further, you have the ability to link your Facebook profile with your Twitter profile. By taking this step, every post that you write on your Twitter will be automatically posted to your Facebook, saving you much time. Creating and building a social network through social media sites is just the beginning of your self-promotion  machine.

The wonder of the internet is it’s ability to bring people from all over the world together. And as people come together in cyber space, the necessity for more niche-based communities has grown. It is not a surprise that the voice-over industry has followed suit. With the increase in social media outlets and the ease of throwing yourself into them, it is a natural progression to utilize these resources to increase your success.

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