Using Social Media for Voice Over Self-Promotion

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There are several key tools that a budding voice-over artist needs in their arsenal to build a successful career. Your voice-over demo reel presents your skills to potential clients.

It can also help you obtain a commercial agent and represent you to casting companies.   While these tools create a critical foundation for a successful voice-over career, self-promotion through social media is an additional tool to grow your reputation in the voice over community.

The three main categories of social media sites you can use as promotion tools are social networking sites,  personal blogs, and YouTube.  Self-promoting through social media websites will not only keep your professional network informed of your career but also begin to build your reputation in the industry as a player with beneficial insight.

Facebook .com is by far the most popular social networking website.  Once thought of as a place for college kids to display compromising pictures, it is now a networking tool used by many professionals. Voice artists can use Facebook to promote themselves by adding members of the industry as “friends”, building a network of movers and shakers that have the potential to further your career.  is a social networking site that is aimed more toward professional relationships.  You can create a profile that includes  your training, past employment and experience.  You can also seek other voice over professionals and join voice over related groups.  You can read comments and post your own replies to stay on top of the latest VO topics. is a site that lets you send messages to your followers and follow others as they message you. in 140 character “tweets”   Many VO talents use Twitter to celebrate jobs, inform others of blog posts, recommend sites and articles, or just stay connected. is an industry-specific website with only VO talent members.  Join and fill out your profile.  Then choose several groups to join and become friends with fellow talent.  It’s a great way to keep up with the buzz of the industry.  You can also seek out more practical information such as marketing, auditioning and performing tips.

As you get more advance, you may consider a blog of your own.  There you can post achievements and discuss your ups and downs as you journey down the voice over road.  And for the truly creative, creating your own voice over videos and posting them on  can boost your reputation.  While it may seem counter intuitive to use a visual medium to promote your voice, voice actors have started using Youtube to promote their voice-over skills. Character voice actors record 3-5 minute videos demonstrating the variety of characters the actors are able to perform.

While the voice-over industry is a booming, it is also a competitive one. The best way to succeed is to differentiate yourself from the pack. The easiest way to do this is through participating and interacting in social media websites. By participating in these sites, you are taking your voice-over career into your own hands and promoting your talents. You will also fellow VO industry members who have the potential of helping you grow and expand in your career. Social media at its core is the exchange of ideas and opinions. By using social media in your arsenal of self-promotion, not only will you reach your goal of succeeding in the voice-over industry, but you will also add to the exchange and in doing so add to the voice-over community.

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