Do You Need a Voice Over Website? Here Are 9 Hints to Help You

Hints for your Voice Over Demo

A voice over website will allow anyone in the world to play or download your demo

You’re voice over demo may be available many places on the web.  Your agent may post your demo on their site.  You may be on  If you participate in online casting your demo is on that site as well.

So do you need your own website as a voice over talent?  Yes!

Why? To control your V O destiny! Here’s the problem.  Suppose someone wants to hire you for a voice over job and they want to hear your demo.  So you send them to your agent, or, even worse, or  You’ve inviting them to look over the competition.  Oops!

You need a voice over website to promote your unique talents

As they visit your site, potential clients can view and listen to your unique skills without the clutter of other VO talents.  In addition you can describe your specialties, credits and availability.  You can put up as many pictures as you want.  And put up client testimonials to promote your professional skills.

Do it right!  Here are 9 hints to improve your site

  1. Get your own domain name. And since it’s all about you, use your name in the domain name.  Even better, combine your name and “voiceover” like Trust me, you will be line one on Google when someone types “your name voice over”.  You can get a domain name at
  2. Put your demo on the front page.  That’s why they came!  Don’t make them look for it on some deeper page (they won’t). On the front… near the top!
  3. Put a link that allows them to download your demo. The clients often build a stable of talent they like by downloading demos to their own computer.  Be in that VO stable.
  4. Don’t label your demo file “commercialvoiceover.mp3”.  If they download this file they will have no idea who you are… even a few minutes later.  Label it williamwilliamscommercialvo.mp3.  (ha ha! then they will look ME up on the web…see number 1)
  5. Put a pleasant, happy, professional-looking picture of yourself on the site.  This is the internet.  Your clients may be on the other side of the world.  Make them feel comfortable about working with you with a “I’m great to work with” picture.
  6. List some testimonials.  Keep track of the nice things clients say about you and post them on your site.  This gives new clients a reason to trust you to do a good job.
  7. Put your contact info at the top of the page. Once again, don’t make them search for it.  If you have a “contact me” form, put a link to that page at the top of the page with your other contact info.
  8. ASK FOR A RESPONSE! Include a “call to action” phrase using nice imperative verbs: “Call Now! 818-555-1212 or Contact Me (linked to the form) to discuss your project”
  9. Watch out for “flash” demo players.  These players work on laptops, desktops and Android tablets and phones but they DON’T work on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads!).  The web is moving toward HTML5.

And if all of this makes you a bit intimidated

We can help.  We can do a solid website for you that follows these rules and identifies your unique skills and abilities.  If you need assistance with your voice over website give us a call at 818-954-9931 or contact us for more information.

Do you have some voice over website hints?
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