Why WHY Is the Most Important Word in Voice Over

Why Question Mark Voice OverThe first WHY is inside you

This is the first WHY you need to answer. Why do YOU want to do voice over? Do you like to communicate? Do you enjoy it when your listeners “get it”? Are there ideas that you feel strongly about?
Do you like the logic of the presentation. Or the feeling you can inspire.
You see, your INNER WHY is what will drive and motivate you to succeed in voice over. Because that WHY is really WHY you do this.

But there’s a deeper WHY question that you need to ask yourself.

And that is “WHY am I saying this?”
Modern voice over is not just about reading the words. It’s about about communicating the ideas of the writer. Speech is about moving ideas from one mind to another.
And voice over is also about communicating emotions. Why do I feel this way? Speech is about moving emotions from one heart to another. If you find the WHY in the copy you’ll touch the listener.

So WHY is probably the most important word in voice over

We never say anything to anybody unless we have a reason to say it. So when you’re looking at a script the first question you need to ask is WHY.
Why would I care about this? Why would I be interested in this product.  If the listener doesn’t immediately know why they should listen, they’ll tune you out. For good. So for a compelling performance you have to know WHY.
I’ve been teaching voice over for 20 years and now my motivation is the opportunity to mentor other V O  talents as they progress in this strange and wonderful career.
Then leave a comment and tell me your WHY. Let me know what motivates and drives you in Voice Over.
And remember… keep talking!






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And Keep Talking!

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