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Why participate in online casting?

The simplest, most direct route to get established in the modern voice over business is to participate in the online voice casting sites--often called "pay to play" sites.  This is the foundation of a career that can also includes jobs from direct marketing and voice over agent representation.

Online casting can give you experience in:
            1. Selecting material that you are strong at performing
            2. "Self-directing" your auditions
            3. Recording your auditions
            4. Editing, exporting and uploading files.
            5. Bidding and negotiating projects.

As you book and perform jobs you also improve in:
            6. self-recording.
            7. Taking direction over a phone patch
            8. Final editing of raw files
            9. Uploading via FTP for large files.
            10. Billing and accounting

And you can "earn while you learn" as you are doing all of this because the are all paying jobs.  It also gives you practical experience that you can call on when you obtain an agent so you can hit the ground running and book higher-level jobs.

To succeed you need to perfect many skills

But that's a lot of hats to wear, and each hat requires special skills and knowledge.  I've been participating in online casting since it began almost 10 years ago.  It is a great opportunity for you to offer your skills beyond your city across the country--and around the world (I've recently had jobs from Jakarta and Aruba... no... I didn't get to fly to Aruba!)

Since I have experience in home studios, recording, directing, auditioning, performing jobs, file delivery, billing and collections, and running my own business, I get asked questions almost daily about one or more of these topics.  The trouble with that is I am not able to give a comprehensive overview of the entire process.


Introducing a new four-hour class:

"Jump Start your VO career with Online Casting"

I would like to fix that.  So I am introducing a new 4 hour class called "Jump Start your VO career with Online Casting".  This class with be power-packed with hints and tricks that will help you be more efficient, work smarter, get on the inside track of this unique form of casting--and help you nail more auditions and book more jobs. 

And we'll cover just about everything:  how to fill out your profile, how to choose auditions wisely, what to do with the leftover auditions, recording techniques and levels, how to rapidly record and edit auditions, what to say in your cover memo, how to record jobs and export and upload files.


A hands-on workshop where you learn each technique

This will be a hands-on workshop, so if you can bring a laptop and a USB mic then do that.  We will use Audacity recording software, so you will want to download and install that software--and the infamous LAME library file--before the class.

And the best news is that all these notes and hints will be presented in handouts with screen shots so you have a permanent written record of all that you learn... no more writing notes on a yellow legal pad and then trying to remember what "set bit rate to 96khz" meant when you get home.


We will record some copy to work with, but this is not a performing workshop!

This class is about the procedures and tricks required to participate and succeed in online casting.


But we will work hands-on with your setup to master the skills

This class is limited to 8 students.  You will benefit most if you can bring:
            1. A laptop computer with Audacity and the LAME library installed.
            2. A USB microphone.
            3. Headphones for monitoring and editing.

Also, if you have not done so, you want to sign up for a free account at VOICES.COM because this is the service we will use for our examples. (all the principles can also be applied to VOICE123.COM).  Of course, if you have a paid account with VOICES.COM that will work also.

The class is 4 hours in length and runs from 1PM until 5 PM on Saturday with a 15 minute break.  There will be a short question and answer period at the end for the more specific questions.  We will have this class once each month.

The cost for the four hour intensive is $99 per person.

For the schedule of the next class, go here or call us at 818-954-9931.  Sign up quickly because I'm sure this class will fill up fast!  Hope to see you there!


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Keep Talking!

by William Williams

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What Is "Online Casting"?

Voice over is a strange job.  Unlike most jobs, you don't have to actually be somewhere to do your job.  And now with the advent of inexpensive equipment and the internet, this is truer than ever.

Gone are the days of driving from studio to studio to perform or audition.  Now with a laptop computer and a USB microphone you can create broadcast quality audio and transmit it to anywhere in the world in a matter of moments.

Recognizing this change in the ways things are done two websites were born that allow you to profit from these changes.  These sites allow you to participate in casting projects anywhere in the world from your kitchen table.

These sites are VOICE123.COM and VOICES.COM. On thse sites clients such as advertising agencies, video production companies, and corporate media departments can post various projects that require voice talent.  And you can audition for these jobs.  By doing this you can work and build a clietele across the country.

But this change will be more far-reaching.  Already most local agents send auditions to their talent and ask that they record the performance at home and email it back.

And audiobook companies allow talent to bid on book jobs, perform them at home, and upload them for sale to the public.

Understanding all the ins and outs of this new system of hiring and performing voice overs is essential if you don't want to be left behind.


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