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ds"William, thanks for being more than a voice-over teacher and more like a friend. Thanks again for your everlasting support..."    Maurice Patton "The Pepsi Guy" with Halle Berry and Barry Bostwick

ds"The Medlocks wanted to write and let you know how very pleased we are with the outstanding help and guidance you provided our son Alec... William, you encouraged Alec to let his hair down, have fun and learn. Before he was through with the sessions we had planned he had booked three national commercials: Dominos, Sears and Pella Windows. This week he was cast as 'Littlefoot' in the 'Land Before Time' animated children's series and he is overjoyed! He's having a BLAST!"    The Medlocks, Ed, Lynda and Alec

ds"As your former student, you might be interested in knowing how my audio cassette has gone so far. "The Virginian" has already grossed over $4 million in sales through the first two months. I play three roles: "Uncle Hughey", "Balaam" and "The Stranger" Your instruction in working with 1 or 2 other voice actors was critical... The director... said I was great! It's nice to walk into a store and see my name on the back of an Audio Cassette. One home run for Aliso Creek!"    "CJ" Honkala

ds"I feel like I got the full package; William's professionalism combined with a very relaxed atmosphere made me feel completely at ease. I received valuable coaching and his experience brought out my best features, with an end result nothing short of perfection. He uses a great touch of humor during the sessions so you are able to relax and allow it to flow. As a result, you put out your best. He prompts you until you've mastered it; you're driven with a laid back style. He has a very smooth approach."    Shelly Amber Leigh

ds"I loved taking classes at Aliso Creek! The class was intimate and fun! And my demo turned out great! I would recommend these classes to anyone wanting to further their career in VO."    Allison Summers

ds"I have always dreamed of becoming a voice over artist. I tried on my own for 3 years. After taking the commercial and animation courses at Aliso Creek Productions with William Wiliams and recording my demo reel, I booked an audition that week! William knows the business as well as the art and he is the best at creating that selling point in you. Don't miss out on the opportunity to change your life!"    Timothy Lee Conley Commercial/Animation Voice Over Artist Los Angeles Based

"William is the only voice over coach that I would ever want to work with. He’s patient, upbeat, positive. He works with me until I get it right. He not only provides helpful advice on my voice over readings and approach, but he gives me the techniques to strengthen and improve the skills I need to be successful. He has given me invaluable guidance on my voice over career; he knows the business inside and out so that when I leave his classes I feel that I’m able to tackle the challenges of breaking into the field.

More than that, he has given me feedback on the technical end, showing me how to set up my own home studio, and has made it easy for me (and I’m not a technical person). He has guided me in eliminating the production problems I have encountered, in such areas as background noise, recording quality, and proper use of equipment. The demo that he produced sounds so professional that it has gotten nothing but the highest positive reviews from anyone who has commented on it. His support has been so crucial that I really strongly feel that, as long as I follow his suggestions and coaching tips, I cannot help but become successful in my voice over career."    Allen Gross

"William is one of those rare people who can successfully combine immense creativity with a true love for teaching, and as a result, he's able to zero in on your creative abilities. He takes the time to find your strengths and help you improve on them. And I think most importantly, he teaches in a fun, pressure-free atmosphere, so you can be yourself and really let it fly. I had a BLAST!"    Tony Frassrand TV Host

"William at Aliso Creek Productions has been the perfect VO coach for me. I have taken many classes from a multitude of different people and I can honestly say that William understands how my brain works and pushes me to get the best out of me more than anyone. I am a person who likes to figure out the complete puzzle in my mind before I begin to move the pieces into place. William not only showed me where the pieces go but how to place them in order to produce the right picture. His encouraging and direct approach enbles a student to be stretched beyond their expectations. Thanks William!"    Dean White Voice Actor

"Please allow me to take a moment and share some thoughts about my experience with Aliso Creek Productions. I took the Commercial Voice-Over class and it was a fantastic, enriching and rewarding adventure! The class was thorough, entertaining and hands-on. During the six week course, William covered all aspects of the voice-over business. This allowed me ample opportunity to learn new skills, develop my craft and move forward with confidence and purpose. This is a comprehensive program taught by a uniquely qualified person whose skills encompass: talent, production and marketing…all critical to success in this dynamic field. I was so satisfied with the class that I elected to have my professional voice-over demo CD produced by Aliso Creek. The entire experience was wonderful and exceeded my substantial
expectations."    James Pentony

ds"I had a blast working with William. We had a great rapport right from the beginning, and he was able to help me create a really fantastic demo! I'd use him again in a heartbeat. Thanks William"    Pamela Shandrow

"Along with his memorable name, William provides a memorable learning experience with his stealth wisdom; painless education if you will. It's something like losing weight while eating chocolate. It is a very pleasant experience with a quite a positive result. The class atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. William effectively shares his knowledge of all areas of the voice industry, from the nuts and bolts of the business aspects to the techniques of interpretation and vocal delivery. Because of the small group size, everyone gets plenty of opportunity to step up to the mic. I would recommend William's sessions to anyone with any level of interest in the voice industry."    J. Follett

"I feel very fortunate to have found Aliso Creek Productions. If you are looking to understand and learn all the aspects of getting into voiceover as a beginner, or if you are a professional, looking for some tips, or to brushup on your craft, this is THE PLACE. William William is a working professional voiceover actor and teacher, as well as acting coach, audio engineer, and scriptwriter. In my case, I've found he has the patience of a saint while he coaxes out of me, the best performance possible. He gives highly informative classes about this ever changing industry, while injecting humor and amazing knowledge about the great and small but important details.

He can help you understand how to set up your own home studio, and encourage you to persevere in your dreams. He will take you at whatever artistic level you are at, and help you rise up to a higher level by giving you a greater understanding of how to interpret the material you are reading. By the time you are done, you will feel confident behind any mic, in any studio. He will help you in planning your carreer, and give you the tools and support to make it happen. I am just finishing my commercial demo, and putting the finishing touches on my home studio. I highly recommend Aliso Creek Productions as a lively, fun, informative learning atmosphere. Including his wonderful wife Karen who fields all the phone calls. The studio is very "hands on" you will be behind the mic reading scripts the first day of class. Try the free voiceover class online for just a taste of what you will experience at Aliso Creek."    Julie Davis

"I just want to say thank you. I took your class and what a great experience. I was so impressed. You took me to the next level. You can see and feel how much you care about your students and to top it off what a great Demo you produced for me."    Edward J.

ds"I refer everyone that has an interest in voice overs to William. He has a fantastic ear for what sounds correct and what is garbage. He also has a great ability to give you a feel of direction w/out giving line-reads. I hired William to record/direct my commercial demo tape, and I could not be more pleased. I recommend William highly. He can take you far w/ direction and w/ whatever you'd like to try to accomplish... the rest is up to you"    Ray Plumb

ds"I moved to Los Angeles a few years back, having worked in the "voice" field as an opera singer, M.C. and so on. I found William Williams's voice over website and signed up for his voice over classes. William's classes were not only fabulously informative and entertaining yet clear and to the point. I ended up getting both my Commercial and Animation demos from William and they are amazing. Seriously.

With William's years of experience in the Hollywood Voice Over World, I got everything I needed to know about Voice Over, appreciated his "cutting through the bull" when it comes to "the" business and the fact that... the guy knows what he's talking about"    Mukti Garceau

"I met William by taking his introductory course in voiceovers. I was so impressed with William's talent and experience that I immediately enrolled in the Introduction to Commercial Voiceover class and I was so impressed with the results that I immediately hired him to produce my demo. Creative, patient and precise. That's William Williams!"    Ronald T. Hardgrove

ds"William Williams provided a no-nonsense approach to the workings of the VO industry. He gets it-- both from the standpoint of his own vast experience as a VO artist as well as his ability to impart some tricks of the trade within a few sessions. His great sense of humor doesn't hurt either!"    Beth Clayton

ds"The instruction and training provided at Aliso Creek is priceless. William Williams leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to introducing novices to the world of voiceover. All levels are welcome as he definitely can push you to new heights regardless of your starting point. He gives comprehensive instruction on the business aspects of voiceover, which is of course just as important and valuable as the voice training. I'm an emergency doctor, work mainly at night, and am new to voiceover.

He worked with my schedule, gave me fantastic instruction, and is still helping me. He has great stories, is full of personality and has amazing equipment that leaves you no choice but to 'find your voice'. Home studio construction, voice training, demos -- you name it, he does it! Don't waste your time or money at other places where you'll end up with much less in the end. You want somewhere that you can set up a home base for continued support and instruction. Aliso Creek is it! I highly recommend this studio for training, demo completion and whatever else you think you'll need in voiceover land!"    Pamela Perry



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