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We believe that children have an amazing ability to hear and comprehend at a very young age.  So we produce music that entertains and challenges young ears.


Introducing Together Time singing enchanting songs in a variety of musical styles. Fun songs, serious songs, songs about new ideas that will delight and inspire young minds to grow and young musical tastes to expand.

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Take a Trip with Me

Join Mom, Dad, Jennifer and Michael on a road trip to Grandma's as they sing 10 original songs in different musical styles.

"Hop in the car and Take a Trip" with us! On this album of original songs for children and adults of all ages.

Join Mom, Dad, Jennifer and Michael on a road trip to Grandma's and back as they talk and sing together. Along the way they sing about an old clunker car, how a car works and dancing with dinosaurs.

Then they stop at a national park for lunch and the forest ranger sings about this beautiful land of ours and its endless possibilities.

Next there is a doo-wop tribute to Grandma. Then follows some reminiscing about Dad's Dad and Mom's Mom. The kids contemplate what they might be when they grow up.

And then they settle down to listen to Mom and Dad sing a rhythmic lullaby as they drive through the night towards home. The stars twinkle in the sky and the moon seems to race with us as we travel down the road.

The songs are arranged with traditional and modern instruments in a variety of musical styles including Electronic, Big Band, Operetta, Dixieland, Folk, Doo-Wop, Brass Choir, String Orchestra, Mariachi and New Age to broaden the musical tastes of any child.

And because they're foot-tappin' fun everyone will enjoy listening to them again and again.

Each song has a fun dialog introduction as Mom, Dad and the Kids converse in the car, so the album is a short "musical play" when listened to from start to finish.

Each song can stand on its own as well. The album stars Kevin Birkbeck, Katy McGrath-Morkri, James Underwood and Anna Neese.

So are your seat belts buckled? Then hop in the car and Take a Trip with Me to Grandma's!



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