Get On Track with William Williams Voice Over GPS™

William Williams Voice Over GPSPlan your voice over journey with my “no BS” free guideWilliam Williams Voice Over GPS™.  You’ll learn:

  • Training-Why voice over is different than speech
  • Coaching-How working one-on-one will benefit you
  • Voice Over Demo-Make sure your demo pops
  • Home Recording-Skills and equipment you need
  • VO Casting-Where to find work
  • Plus Websites, Agents & SAG-AFTRA

Don’t go it alone. Take advantage of my 25+ years of experience to find the fastest route to your VO destination.

Just fill in your name and email to download your free copy now.  And then put the pedal to the metal!

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Avoid Bad Voice Over Advice-The Uglier Side of Voice Over Experts

In voice over you’re going to meet people who will give you advice. Some are sincere and helpful. Some are greedy, self-serving, pompous, envious, mis-informed or just plain wrong. Here’s how to evaluate voice over advice to determine what will benefit your voice over journey.

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Audacity Latency Correction for ACX Audiobook Voice Over Punch & Roll Recording

What Latency is, why does it matter and how to correct it in the Audacity recording app. If you do punch and roll recording for ACX audiobooks or produce multi-track music you need to set the recording latency correction to compensate for the delay caused by digital recording on a computer. In this video here’s a clear explanation of what Latency is and how to determine the correct amount of correction needed for your equipment. Here’s the Audacity Manual Instructions for Latency Correction:

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Add Negative Emotions to Your Voice Over Performance

Here’s a quick voice over acting tip. When you’re performing a voice over project you are often instructed to be enthusiastic, or upbeat, or friendly, or, my favorite: have a smile in your voice. Well, I want you to sound fed up, broken-hearted, annoyed, confused, frustrated and sometimes… downright angry. Here’s a video that teaches you how to include these negative emotions in you performance.

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Audiobook Voice Over-How to Choose Books That Sell

When you produce audiobooks you want to be paid well for your effort. Success in audiobook voice over depends on choosing books that will sell. Here are some hints on how to select books that are likely to earn you money. And which payments methods to choose work best with which books.

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ACX Audiobooks Voiceover: How Do I Get Paid?

Many voiceover talents use the website to find voiceover work narrating audiobooks. There’s a lot of effort that goes into producing an audio Book. A typical book narration job may require a week or two weeks of full-time work to complete. And If you put that level of effort into a project of course you want to get paid. So how do you get paid? This video will give you the answer.

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6 Skills You Need for ACX Audiobook Voice Over

Wondering if YOU should perform audiobooks as a voice over talent? Here are 6 skills that make audiobook production more fun and efficient. You don’t need them all but the more you have the better your chances in the audiobook market.

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ACX Audiobook Narration Voice Over – Yes or No?

Audiobook voice over is the longest form of voice over narration work. As a voice actor should you consider performing audiobooks? Here are the pros and cons of audiobook voice over. This is part of a series of video tips for performing audiobooks efficiently and quickly and earning more money while reading books that you enjoy.

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Eliminate Room Echo from Your Voice Over Recording

It’s very important to realize it when you do a voiceover audition for job that the client wants to hear broadcast quality audio. This is because the client is going to assume that the job will be the same quality as the audition. So a poor quality audition equals no job. You want your performance to include your voice and nothing else period. No hiss, no noise, no computer sounds and no room echo. One of the hardest things to get rid of is room echo.

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Speed Up Your Voice Over Editing Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the mouse for voice over recording apps is both inaccurate and slow. I’ll show you how to speed up your audio recording and editing using Keyboard Shortcuts or Hot Keys.

And check out my complete recording course “Secrets Voice Over Recording with Audacity

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Reading in Voiceover: Improve Your Speed and Accuracy

If you want to turn in faster and better voiceover auditions and jobs then you need to improve your reading skills. If you find yourself halting, stumbling on words, or mis-reading the copy here’s why that happens–and how to fix it!

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