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Enjoy LIVE classes with other students taught over ZOOM.US by William Williams. Learn the VOICE-OVER skills you need for commercials and narration. Plus an overview of the business and how to develop your career.

fun and rewarding training for jobs and work in your voice over career from Aliso Creek Voice Over Workshops

Voice Over work is an exciting career but you need training to participate in this industry.  Opportunities exist in commercials, animation, narration plus audiobooks and video games.

At Aliso Creek Voice Over Classes you'll learn audition skills, copy interpretation, inflection, character development and microphone technique.

Your work is digitally recorded so that you can review your progress. And I teach the business skills such as where to find work, finding an agent and pay scaless.

fundamentals of commercial voice over workshop

dramatic read Now On! Learn the SKILLS you need to succeed in VOICE-OVERS for radio and television commercials as well as industrial narration and the internet. Develop voice-over audition skills such as copy analysis, self-direction, microphone technique, voice-acting and character development.

Plus an overview of the business with a specific plan on how to develop your career. Each class is two and a half hours in length and the classes meet once a week for six weeks.  

All times are PACIFIC TIME!

SATURDAY     FEB  25- APR  1    10:00 AM- 12:30 PM PST  
Price: $697

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why you should choose Aliso Creek Voice-Over Workshops:

  •   Small class size: 4-6 participants
  •   Personalized Instruction
  •   All performances recorded
  •   Easy Payment Terms
  •   Support from fellow VO talent


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Virtual Animation Voice Over Class

fundamentals of animation voice over workshop

serious voice actor Now On! Let those wild characters living inside you to come out and play! You'll learn to create character voices for commercials, animation, video games, etc. You'll begin with understanding pitch and resonance to create a wide variety of sounds. Then we explore changing your age, accents and speech quirks. And we explore voice acting and applying your voice to scripts. Each class is two and a half hours in length and the classes meet once a week for six weeks.

All times are PACIFIC TIME!

WEDNESDAY     OCT  26- NOV  30    6:00 PM - 8:30 PM PST   
Price: $697

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our students say:

"William is one of those rare people who can successfully combine immense creativity with a true love for teaching, and as a result, he's able to zero in on your creative abilities. He takes the time to find your strengths and help you improve on them. And I think most importantly, he teaches in a fun, pressure-free atmosphere, so you can be..." more    Tony Frassrand TV Host

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Our Virtual Saturday Workout!

voice-over workout -- once a month

man o microphoneNow On! This is your once-a-month opportunity to get together with other wacky people and let those voices in your head come out. Practice current commercial and animation and scripts while being directed by William Williams. This a great chance to use your skills in a fun, relaxed environment. Class is two and a half hours in length.

All times are PACIFIC TIME!


SATURDAY     FEB  4     10:00 AM- 12:30 PM PST        Price Only:  $100

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our students say:

"I just want to say thank you. I took your class and what a great experience. I was so impressed. You took me to the next level. You can see and feel how much you care about your students and to top it off what a great Demo you produced for me." more    Edward J.

Online Casting Tips and Tricks!

3 hour class! - once a month

woman on mic & computerThe simplest route to getting established in the modern voice over business is to participate in the online voice casting sites--often called "pay to play" sites.  And you can "earn while you learn" as you are doing this because they are all paying jobs. Our new 3 hour class is power-packed with hints and tricks that will help you be more efficient, work smarter, get on the inside track of this unique form of casting--and help you nail more auditions and book more jobs. Read More >>

All times are PACIFIC TIME!


SATURDAY     MAR  2     10:00 AM - 1:00 PM       Price Only: $175

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our students say:

"Along with his memorable name, William provides a memorable learning experience with his stealth wisdom; painless education if you will. It's something like losing weight while eating chocolate. It is a very pleasant experience with a quite a positive result. The class atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. William effectively shares his..." more    J. Follett

Mastering AUDACITY for VO Recording!

3 hour class! - once a month

man editin voice over on computerAudacity is the software of choice for many voice over professionals. It features simple one line recording plus the ability to edit directly in the recording you have just created.  And if you goof up, you can "undo" back to the previous version and start over.  Audacity also has excellent sound quality and will export the file in any imaginable format for your auditions or jobs.  Learn how to use the Audacity recording program plus tricks and tips that will speed up the recording process!  Become an Audacity Master! 

All times are PACIFIC TIME!


SATURDAY     FEB  25     10:00 AM- 1:00 PM        Price Only:  $175

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our students say:

"Please allow me to take a moment and share some thoughts about my experience with Aliso Creek Productions. I took the Commercial Voice-Over class and it was a fantastic, enriching and rewarding adventure! The class was thorough, entertaining and hands-on. During the six week course, William covered all aspects of the voice-over business. This..." more    James Pentony

Want to learn at your own pace & schedule?  

Online Voice Over Classes

Until recently performing voice overs has been limited to folks who live in the major cities.  Now with digital recording and the internet, the voice over market around the world is open to anyone with the talent, skills and drive to pursue it.  You don't have to be there to do the work!  But you need to develop professional voice over skills.   I've been teaching voice overs in Los Angeles for over 20 years... I'm bringing my teaching to anyone in the world with my Online Voice Over Classes!

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