Magic Jack Plus: Now Have a Voice Over Phone Patch Anywhere There’s Internet

Magic Jack Plus

With Magic Jack Plus you can have a phone line anywhere you have high speed internet

New technology has proven to be extremely beneficial in the emergence of voice-over home recording studios. So it is not surprising that the industry has jumped on the use of voice over IP gadgets.

The name may be a bit misleading as VOIP’s don’t really have anything to do with voice overs. VOIP is technology that allows users to send voice and data files over broadband internet. 

For our purposes in the voice acting industry, VOIP technology mated with a phone patch is perfect for communicating when performing a job with a director many miles away. So then, how can a voice talent take advantage of this technology?

Most VOIP phones function by hooking into a computer network, similar to ones used by larger companies. While this seems intimidating, similar technology now exists for your home internet set up. The Magic Jack Plus is the VOIP device for the “prosumer”.  It connects directly to your broadband modem or router. Nowadays when purchasing a modem, you have the option of buying a modem/router combination. This allows the user to “route” the internet to several different computers or even virtually route the internet via Wi Fi. With this tool, you can have access to the internet through Wi Fi, while having the option of hooking the Magic Jack Plus directly to your router. Boom! Now by using the telephone line that the Magic Jack Plus provides, you can perform and take direction via phone patch.  The Magic Jack Plus is also portable so you can take your phone line and telephone number with you and use it anywhere you have a high speed internet connection either through hardware or over Wi Fi.

Other benefits of using VOIP’s like the Magic Jack Plus include cutting your old school Ma Bell bill out of the picture, saving tons of money. You can also make inexpensive international calls if need be, taking direction from anyone in the world. With the Magic Jack Plus, you have the advantage of setting up conference calls through a magic jack conference call number. This feature allows multiple callers to speak on the same line at once. Whereas traditional phone lines are limited by having at most three way calls.

With the multiple benefits of using VOIP and more specifically the economical Magic Jack Plus, it is a no-brainer to employ this technology in your voice-over career. We are in the eye of a technological storm that continues to strip away the complexities of entering and successfully navigating the voice acting industry. The more you implore these gadgets, the greater your chances of success will be. And when it comes down to it, success is our ultimate goal as a working voice actor.

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