Four Qualities to Look For When Purchasing Voice Over Home Studio Headphones

Quality Studio Headphones

Quality studio headphones are important to check your recording and performance quality

When it comes to listening back to your home-recorded voice over auditions and hearing every nuance of the recording and performance, one tool to use is a pair of high quality headphones.

However, as you start looking into purchasing a set, the search can start to get pretty dizzying with the long laundry list of features and pro’s and con’s.  Continue reading

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Free Audacity Software-Record and Edit Your Voice Over Auditions

Sound waves

Use Audacity Software to Record Auditions and Jobs

When it comes to submitting auditions to pay-to-play internet voice-over sites, there are a few key tools needed for success:

You need a computer, a USB microphone to record the audition, some sound control in your audition space, and an application that gives you the capability to record and edit your auditions and jobs.

Audacity is an open source (that means free!) recording software that will give you the ability to record and tweak your auditions into the best representation of your voice.

Continue reading

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Control Voice Over Home Studio Echoes With Moving Blankets

Multicolor Moving Blankets

Moving blankets provide very inexpensive sound control

Joining a pay to play voice-over website is a quickest and easy way to hop into this most exciting and rewarding careers of voice over. However, with the ease of auditioning from your home comes the challenge of turning a nook in your house into a personal home studio.

Last week we touched on one of the important tools needed to audition from your home, a USB microphone. This week we continue to help you build your perfect home studio by controlling any unwanted noise. Continue reading

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Get Started in Voice Over With These Low Cost, High Quality USB Mics

Yes, you can pursue a voice over career with only a USB microphone and a  computer.  Gone is the equipment of yesterday–no tape, no cassettes, no CDs.  With your USB mic, your computer and Audacity recording software you can produce broadcast quality audio files and send them anywhere in the world in minutes.

The newer USB mics have two major improvements. The first is variable gain control on the mic to allow you to adjust the mic level. The second is a headphone jack on the mic that lets you hear your voice in your headphones without any delay or “latency”.

Finally the latest mics use new 24 bit/96 kHz A-to-D converters to provide pristine sound.  These mics start around $100 and range up to $300 so you can get started on a low budget.  Check out my updated chart of microphones–and other valuable information–on my home voice over recording page.  Take a look at ’em

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The Top Three Ways to Use for Voice Over Promotion

When you log into Facebook, the first thing that you see is the “news feed” of all your friends talking about getting frozen yogurt or posting the latest picture of their adorable kid. While this is all and fun when keeping in touch with your long lost high school buddy, we need a social networking site that cuts to the chase.

In the plethora of social networking sites, remains to be one of the few that is strictly for your professional network. Here are the top three ways to get the most out of for your voice-over career. Continue reading

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5 Steps to Getting Started On

The emergence of more niche-based sites has made voice over self-promotion easier than ever. One niche social networking site that is a must for voice artists is Voiceover Universe. In this article we will walk you through five easy steps to get up in running and promoting your career on Continue reading

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Can Using Facebook Promote Your Voice Over Career?

Aliso Creek Studios and William Williams are here to hold your hand as we walk you through the process of building a social media self-promotion machine.  Start is with a social networking site.  Facebook is the most popular and easy to use social networking site at the moment. As a tool for self-promotion, it is a good idea to start by creating a seperate professional account that focuses on building a network centered on voice-overs. When filling out your profile you will want each category such as education to focus on that which has to do with your VO background, such as training and workshops you’ve participated in. Continue reading

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Using Social Media for Voice Over Self-Promotion

Social media logos

Connect with clients and fellow talent with social media

There are several key tools that a budding voice-over artist needs in their arsenal to build a successful career. Your voice-over demo reel presents your skills to potential clients.

It can also help you obtain a commercial agent and represent you to casting companies.   While these tools create a critical foundation for a successful voice-over career, self-promotion through social media is an additional tool to grow your reputation in the voice over community. Continue reading

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You Have a Voice Over Demo Reel- Now Promote It!

There are a few tools that are critical for a career in voice over. Tool number one is the voice over demo. This is your calling card in the industry.  The conversation goes like this… you: “I do voice overs”, them: “Send me your demo!” You can be James Earl Jones or Orson Wells but if you don’t have a demo you are not going to be taken seriously.  The demo to start with is a commercial demo.  This can be used to obtain work in a variety of areas: commercials, narration, telephone systems, in-house announcements, etc. A commercial demo is a recording that is under two minutes with from 5 to 10 small commercial segments back to back.  Each segment is fully produced with music and sound effects to give a sample of what you sound like selling a variety of products.  Many performers don’t realize the wide range of uses a demo has.  Let’s look at how you can use your voice over demo to further your career. Continue reading

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Don’t Shoot in the Dark-Feedback from

Sometimes auditioning feels like shooting free throws in a pitch dark gymnasium. If you miss you hear the ball bounce off into the darkness. But if you score the rim lights up, signaling your success. Your misses give you no information regarding how you missed or by how far. And your successes signal an achievement and give you a momentary glimpse of the target: you guessed correctly! Continue reading

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