The Secret Keys-Using the “Delete” and “Silence” with Audacity for Voice Over Recording

Today’s voice over talent is required to have their own home studio.  And along with the equipment required, you need recording software to actually record sounds to your computer as digital files.  One software program I recommend that works just fine for voice over recording is Audacity.  In a job where you’re rarely doing more than recording one track of audio it is more than adequate for auditions and jobs.

Along with the basic skills of recording, playing back and exporting your audio, you find very quickly that you need some basic editing skills to clean up your performances and finalize your tracks before export.  Here are two editing commands that can speed up your production and improve your final product. Continue reading

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Suggesting Copy Changes to Voice Over Copy- Don’t Unless…

One thing I learned very early in my voice over career was that you are a glorified “signal generator” to the clients.  I had actually written, edited and critiqued advertising copy as a marketing director for 10 years.  So, in an early voice over job, I offered some helpful hints to the client that would make the copy clearer and more effective.  Big mistake.  I got slammed in a way that would make Hulk Hogan quake with fear.  So I quietly whispered to myself, “oops, better not do that again!”  And I have continued that tradition up until today.  But… Continue reading

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How To Read the VOICE123.COM Audition Page

Sometimes auditioning feels like shooting free throws in a pitch black gymnasium. If you miss you hear the ball bounce off into the darkness. But if you score the rim lights up, signaling your success. Your misses give you no information regarding how you missed or by how far. And your successes signal an achievement and give you a momentary glimpse of the target: you guessed correctly!

If you’re signed up with the online voice over marketplace VOICE123.COM, thankfully you can get much more information than this. By analyzing the the audition specifications, then reviewing your audition outbox and checking your “My Stats” page you can get a roadmap of where you’re going an banish a bit of that “shooting in the dark” feeling.

And this will help you improve and nail more auditions over time. Continue reading

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Responding Rapidly to VOICES.COM Auditions

The Race Is On… And the Winner Is…?

If you’re signed up with the online voice over marketplace VOICES.COM, I’m sure you get quite a few auditions each day. I typically get 15 or so a day in the beginning of the week, and a few less later in the week. I also have my preferences set so I get an email announcing each new audition as it’s posted.

But what if I don’t respond immediately to that audition when it comes in?–let’s say I wait an hour (I mean I do have a life!)… Then, OMG, there may be ninety or so responses to the audition. I honestly feel you can be James Earl Jones and if you’re number ninety-one you have little chance of being considered. So what’s a voice talent to do? Here are some of my strategies. Continue reading

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